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The Economics Students Association was found in August 2016 by Baneng Naape with the help of economics students from  third year and honours level. The organization was created with the sole purpose of enhancing economics thought. The Department of Economics, together with  its economics students, bought the idea, hence the organization was successfully launched. Mr Jerry Lebepe layed a hand in the administration process while Mr Kwena Matjekana assisted in drafting the Constitution and ensuring that the organization had a sound objective. Notwithstanding, Mr Tony Matlasedi and Dr Rufaro Garidzirae supported the activities of the organization and provided advice when necessary.


Our primary objective is to promote discussion and debate of socioeconomic issues affecting South Africa and the world at large, enhance Networking and leadership skills of members while uplifting communities. We live by the motto “Enhancing Economics Thought”.

We Are Not Uptight!

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Mr Baneng Naape

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Ms Sarah Modiba

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Mr Kwena Matjekana

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Mr James Maponde

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