“ESA Members Continue to Make Education Fashionable”

ESA Members graduate in numbers and style….

2019 marks the year of great excitement, growth and achievement for the past and current members of the University of Limpopo Economics Students Association. To this day, the number of graduates who were part of the Economic Students Association (ESA) during their tenure at the University of Limpopo has increased significantly. Notwithstanding, members continue to graduate in style as some graduate with distinctions while others do extremely well by graduating with Cum Laude. The B.Com Economics graduates include Loveness Kekana, Lethabo Monyepao, Makoto Masipa, Lawrence Letsoalo, Clement Lebea, Phillip Tumelo Mogashwa, Rosa Phokane, Lerato Saran Ntini, and Koena Rapudi.

Loveness in particular, who obtained her degree with Cum Laude, states that “if it’s a Cum Laude you want, aim for it. I can’t lie and say I studied 24 hours but whenever I studied, I made sure it was enough to get me what I want”. Lethabo on the one hand, notes that principle is key in leadership. She continues to say, “the people you serve and the mandate of what you’re doing should always come first. By doing so, one is able to execute their duties with commitment, dignity, passion and realize satisfactory results.”  Mogashwa “an aspiring Economist”, reflects on how economics has and still shapes his way of thinking. “Economics has become a part of me and being part of ESA is a blessing for me because I get to engage with my fellow students on practical economic matters”. He strongly believes in hard work, dedication and discpline and encourages others to love what they you do. Saran contributes to the discussion by identifying the crucial role played by the study of economics in the economy. She states that, studying economics enables one to better understand how things work in the economy, such as unemployment and sustained GDP growth. She regards studying economics as one of her best decisions in life.

The B.Com Honours (Economics) graduates are Ivette Boya, Clement Chuene and Salome Nkoana. All the graduates contributed significantly to ESA’s success. For example, Loveness and Makoto voluntarily  assisted with planning and logistics during ESA’s first annual field trip while Salome and Koena displayed huge leadership qualities in marketing the organization’s events. Even more, Ivette and Lethabo served as Deputy Presidents in the 2017 and 2018 academic years, respectively. More interestingly, ESA’s deputy president has always been females, beginning with Thabiso Serakwana who graduated in 2017. This indeed shows how serious ESA takes women empowerment.

Notwithstanding,  Clement Chuene and Clement Lebea have played a crucial role in managing the organization’s finances and attracting funding for the organization.

In closing, the current President of the organization, Lawrence Letsoalo, encouraged students to be involved in academic structures. “Academic structures help one to gain confidence, have an opportunity to network with people of different caliber and most importantly, to view things differently” – those were Lawrence’s closing words.

The Economics Students Association continues to produce Future Leaders of South Africa.


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